XII. international young scientists conference

2nd June 2010 pavilon Prof. Lenfeld FVHE VFU BRNO

  - Auditorium of prof. lenfeld’s pavilon,
  - Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology
  - University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno

The conference is aimed at presenting the results of the research of doctoral study programme students.

Mandatory instructions for submitting contributions:

  • The maximum extent is three pages.
  • A4 page in Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman size 12, single spacing, all margins 3 cm.
  • Concise and apt title of the contribution in Czech, Slovak or English in bold, font size 14, align on center.
  • After on free line names of authors without academic degrees, in bold, font size 12, align on center.
  • After on free line summary in English, maximum of 15 lines.
  • After on free line please list key words, in italics, font size 12 .
  • After on free line please include the text of your contribution. The text may include black and white tables (please number above) images and graphs (please number below).
  • In references please observe the ČSN ISO 690 norm.
  • At the end please list your full name with academic degrees, work address, e-mail.
  • Please do not number the pages.

The conference is organized in the following sections:

  1. Food Hygiene and Technology
  2. Nutrition, Dietetics of Livestock and Hygiene of Plant Origin
  3. Veterinary Ecology
  4. Veterinary Biochemistry, Chemistry and Biophysics
  5. Veterinary Public Health and Animal Protection
  6. Veterinary Toxikology and Food Toxikology
  7. Wildlife Diseases and Diseases of ZOO Animals

Please send your application with a proof of payment and your paper on CD or by e-mail to:

Alena Krejčiříková
Ústav hygieny a technologie mléka
Palackého 1-3 612 42 Brno

e-mail: krejcirikovaa@vfu.cz

Account number: 154568547/0300, reference number: 2340