Description and career

Bachelor’s study programme Animal Protection ans Welfare - in English language

The focus of study

The University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno opened a study course of Animal Protection and Welfare in order to satisfy the demand  for university-educated professionals in the field of animal protection against cruelty, animal protection against stress, pain and suffering, animal protection in handling animals, in the active formation of appropriate conditions for animals and for the control of these conditions.

Animal Protection and Welfare Bachelor study programme  is focused on obtaining broad and deep knowledge, experience and skills in the field of animal nutrition, animal husbandry, animal behavior, animal welfare conditions, including the legal aspect of animal protection. The laboratory control  of animal protection and welfare is also a part of the course and teaches the students  the modern methods of  biochemical, haematological and molecular analysis.


The organization of the programme:

The standard length of study is 3 years and the course  covers the following subjects:

  • Biology, Animal Ecology, Animal Ethology.
  • Animal Breeding,  Animal Nutrition, Animal Husbandry, Animal Reproduction and Gynaecology.
  • Animal welfare for specific species, categories and groups of animals, Welfare, Stress, Pain and Suffering in animals, Welfare of Farm Animals (especially cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry), Welfare of Horses and Riding Horses, Welfare of Dogs, Welfare of Cats and Other Pets (birds, reptiles and small mammals), Welfare of Zoo animals, Circus Animals and Abandoned Animals, Hunting and Welfare of Wild Animals,  Welfare of Fish and Fisheries, Welfare of Bees and Beekeeping, Welfare of Experimental Animals, Welfare of Handicapped Animals.
  • Laboratory diagnosis in animal care: Biochemical Examination of Samples, Hematologic Sample Testing, Molecular Analysis, Instrumental Analysis of Samples.
  • Legislation in Animal Protection.
  • Care of Injured Animals, Animal Diseases.
  • Work experience in Animal Protection and Welfare.

Career of graduates:

  • The Veterinary Administration Authorities in the supervision of the animal protection against cruelty (especially the control and supervision of livestock and companion animals).
  • The State Veterinary Institutes and laboratories analyzing biological fluids and tissues and other biological materials.
  • The State Administration authorities for the protection of wildlife animals and protected animals.
  • Authorities that ensure the protection of endangered species under international conventions (eg. CITES) and regulations (Customs Athorities).
  • Institutions and enterprises engaged in animal experiments.
  • Zoos.
  • Institutions for  the protection of abandoned and disabled animals (animal shelters).
  • State and public administration bodies using animals or coming into contact with animals in their activities (police, fire fighters)
  • Municipal and city authorities addressing animal protection against cruelty (problems with animals in villages and towns).
  • Organizations and business enterprises in the field of animal husbandry, animal transport, purchase and sale of animals, import and export of animals, and organizing exhibitions of animals, competitions and sports activities using animals.
  • Organizations dealing with hippotherapy, canistherapy or other forms of animotherapy.
  • Foundations and organizations dedicated to the protection of animals:  WSPA, RSPCA.
  • Private institutions engaged in consultancy in the field of ethology and behavioral problems of animal welfare and animal protection.
  • Research laboratories and research institutions dealing with animal protection, animal welfare and ethology.
  • University education - teaching and research focused on research of wild animals, livestock or companion animals.
  • Media communication concerning the animal welfare and protection.

International organizations dealing with animal protection (EU, etc.).