Entry requirements

Continuing master’s study programme Animal Protection and Welfare - in English language

Information concerning study are provided by Doc. MVDr. Vladimíra Pištěková, Ph.D.:  e-mail: pistekovav@vfu.cz or by Petra Doleželová: e-mail: dolezelovapa@vfu.cz


University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
Dean’s office of the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and EcologyPalackého tř. 1946/1, 612 42 Brno




Terms for application: 30th April 2018 (first term), 31st May 2018 (second term, if it is announced)





The term of entrance examination: 31st May 2018 (first term), 29th June 2018 (second term)

Number of accepted students to the first year of study is: 24


Conditions for the admission to study

  • Completion of full study in bachelor's study programme in the field of animal protection and welfare or protection of animals against cruelty, against stress, pain and suffering, protection of animals during handling.

  • In case the maximum number of admitted students is not filled, the Dean may announce another date for the submission of applications for study. Should there be the second round of application submitting, the deadline is 29th June 2018.

  • Appropriate knowledge of biology. This knowledge is verified by the entrance examination, which consists of a written examination in biology based on the content of respective textbooks for secondary schools. The written exam in biology has a form of a multiple choice test, pictures that should be described or identified and genetic tasks that should be calculated. The test contains a total of 37 questions; a correct answer is valued 1 point, thus the maximal result in the test is 37 points. The duration of the written entrance test from biology will not exceed 60 minutes.

  • The admission procedure will be carried out in English language.

  • The applicant can not be admitted to the study programme of the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology if he/she is already studying in this study programme. Admission to studies shall be decided on the basis of the order of the total number of points obtained within the admission procedure with verification of the knowledge in the field of animal protection and welfare. An applicant can not be accepted if he/she has acquired less than 10 points in the entrance examination. The entrance examination is held for all applicants in English language.

  • In case of serious reasons for which the applicant cannot come for the entrance examination in proper time, the Dean may allow the applicant a substitutive term of the entrance examination. If the number of applicants who fulfilled conditions laid down for admission to studies will be less than 5, the study programme will not be opened. The applicants will be informed immediately.

  • The decision will be issued in writing within 30 days from the verification of fulfilment of conditions for admission. Applicant may request a review of the decision within 30 days of its delivery. The applicant is entitled to check all of his/her materials that are relevant to the decision on his/her admission, at the study office of the faculty after the day when the decision of his/her admission is announced to him/her.


  • Topics
  • Example of questions


  • Foreign students accepted to the FVHE pay tuition fees.
  • For the academic year 2018/2019 was the tuition fee set on 4.000,- EUR/an academic year.
  • It is required that the fee is paid in total before the beginning of the academic year or it can be realized by maximally two part payments during the relevant academic year to the University bank account.
  • The ultimate terms for part payments are the end of August (first part) and the end of February (second part).

            Bank account number for payments from abroad:
            Československá obchodní banka,
            a.s. Milady Horákové 6, 601 79 Brno
            SWIFT (BIC): CEKOCZPP
            IBAN: CZ84 0300 1712 8001 1722 7743
            Code of payment 29001012