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The Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology

znak-fvhe-thThe Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and EcologyThe Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology is nowadays traditionally bound by a realized study programme Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology with the issue of food hygiene and technology and this programme is included among university fields with international quality control of education in accordance with the requirements prescribed the directive 36/2005/EC, on the recognition of professional qualifications. Even the first evaluation in 1995, which the faculty underwent within the international evaluation of the education level by the European Association of Establishment for Veterinary Education - EAEVE, appreciated the teaching process at the faculty and stated that the veterinary education in the field of veterinary hygiene is one of the best that are offered to students at any European veterinary school.

In 2004 the faculty underwent the second international evaluation, the result of which was stating that the faculty fulfils the requirements for veterinary education prescribed by the directives of the European union and that the study programme and especially the food hygiene teaching represents an application of the “from stable to table“ concept. On the basis of such evaluations is the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology enlisted on the prestigious List of positively assessed veterinary faculties of Europe (List of Evaluated and Approved Institutions by EAEVE).

The educational activities at FVHE are carried out in the following accredited study programmes: master's, bachelor's, continuing master's and doctoral degree programme and within the lifetime education. Study programmes of the pre-gradual study consist of a set of compulsory and restricted elective study subjects. Basic forms of teaching are lectures, practical trainings, seminars, consultations, tuitions in agricultural and food-processing companies and institutions, individual stays and practice of students, individual expert work at the departments, Special-purpose facilities of the faculty and university (the slaughterhouse, School agricultural company), practical education in the technological workrooms (meat workroom and workroom for fish and fish products and milk workroom) and also the individual study. The emphasis is placed on the practical training leading to acquiring practical skills of the student.

The mission of the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology ensues from the history of veterinary hygiene at the VFU Brno and constitutes a valuable heritage into the future. Rapid development of food hygiene, especially in the area of veterinary food hygiene has been profiling already since the new millennium. This trend has been accompanying developed economics of the EU and also represents the worldwide trend. In many cases it is a reaction to food disorders, very sensitively perceived by consumers and publicized in the media. Reflections to these facts are essential measures by the EU on all levels ensuring safe and good-quality food.

Together with creating unified Europe this effort necessarily projects into the veterinary hygiene in the Czech republic. It is obvious that capturing of these trends is necessary to accentuate while preparing the experts in the field of food hygiene, so as they could succeed in the competitive international environment. Education of exactly these experts is a task of the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, which represents university educational as well as research background for the field of veterinary food hygiene in the Czech republic and nowadays is the only so oriented veterinary educational institution not only in our country but also within Europe. (Prof. Vorlová).


Insignia of FVHE

Recognition and Awards

  • Year 2015 (medals for 25th anniversary of FVHE)
  • Year 2010 (festive Stientific Board of FVHE)
  • Year 2009 (medals for 90th anniversary of VFU Brno)


History of the faculty

The history of the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology comes out from the department of hygiene of food and raw materials of animal origin, which was included into the study plans of tertiary veterinary schools as early as in the 19th century. Establishing the Czechoslovak state Veterinary University in 1918 created the conditions for development of the veterinary hygiene field in the territory of our present state. A separate department of meat, milk and food hygiene was founded here and prof. MVDr. Jan Lenfeld was appointed to manage this department in 1920. The field consisted especially of the inspection of slaughter animals and meat, as well as methods of assurance of hygienic level of food. Completely newly was then in the field included also food technology as a basic principle of providing hygiene of the processing procedures and protection of consumer’s health as well as the biologic value of food. Prof. MVDr. Jan Lenfeld created the concept of Czechoslovak veterinary hygiene, which was developed by his successors. Since the academic year 1975/1976 was the study at the Veterinary University divided into two study fields: “Veterinary Medicine – Food Hygiene“ and "General Veterinary Medicine". With regard to the increasing significance of veterinary hygiene and the necessity of highly qualified experts for the complex assurance of health harmfulness of food and ecologic aspects of food production in the context of veterinary hygiene, was in 1990 on such a basis of independent study field of veterinary hygiene established the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology. The faculty started to pass on the concept of complex hygienic and ecologic food production from the primary production up to the final products.