Department of Meat Hygiene and Technology manages the training for the both veterinary faculties in veterinary inspection of carcasses and offals, which is a very important part of education for veterinarians and veterinary assistants. The practical training takes part in a high-capacity slaughterhouse located near Brno, which ensures a sufficient supply of material to train on.
The department also provides education in hygiene and technology of products and food of animal origin, especially meat including poultry, venison, fish and other products of aquaculture and products thereof besides animal fats, eggs and egg products and honey.
For educational purposes the department has at its disposal a lecture hall, several laboratories on site and in the opposite Professor Lenfeld Pavilion and technological facilities (for fish processing and for meat products manufacture). Technological facility for meat products manufacture is fully eqipped with machines necessary for manufacture and thermal processing of a wide range of types of meat products manufactured by students as a part of their training.
A part of practical training is carried out by excursions in food processing plants.
A very important part of education is represented by sensory analysis of food. The laboratory for sensory analysis fully meets the standard requirements for such a facility, laid down by ISO 8589. The main room for sensory analysis is equipped with 12 separate boxes for assessors.
The department is also in charge of a small slaughterhouse located on the campus where are the students trained in veterinary requirements and technology of pig slaughtering.