Research on Departments

Implementation of research and development is a prerequisite for evaluating not only educational, but also the overall creative faculty activities, which are essential prerequisites for credit recognition and position of FVHE within the European system of veterinary education.


Scientific activites of FVHE

Research activities of FVHE are focused on the health and hygiene of foodstuffs and raw materials of animal and vegetable origin from the perspective of organic production, safety and quality.
Research activities represent a significant proportion of the total creative activities of academics as any other activity it requires compliance with generally applicable rules of social activities. In accordance with the concept of the European Union in the field of food safety, the research on FVHE focuses on tracking raw materials resp. food from its inception to the final consumer.
Substantial part of the results has practical application and is implemented in agricultural production, in technological processes for the production of food and in animal health and surveillance activities. The strategic goals of scientific and research activities of the faculty for the upcoming years are safety and quality of food in terms of animal health and surveillance activities.


Research project of FVHE

The important moment in science, research and development, which led to the intensification of research activities on FVHE, was obtaining the faculty research project that integrated individual departments and which was for years 2005 - 2011.
This new research plan was based on the timeliness of the content and quality of the project included in the tender of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in category A, it means wholly funded research projects with no financial interest of research departments.
The research project was focused on the health aspects of food safety and quality, which represent the highest risk areas in terms of food safety, in the whole notion of consumer protection from the dangers from food. The concept of the research project was based on the established framework defined by the European Union to increase consumer confidence in food safety. It accepted modern European trends in the solving of problematic of food safety based on the monitoring of food since its inception in primary production to the final consumer. The project solved the issue of detecting and identifying various dangers that operates through food and that could endanger human health. It involved a comprehensive whole issue of food safety and quality from ecological conditions of production of raw materials for the production of food and feed and for animal nutrition, animal health, animal production, animal welfare and protection, hygiene and health products and food and also the issue of veterinary public health.

Grant projects

In addition to the research plan, the research and creative activities are realized by the grant projects of various agencies such as:

  • Czech Science Foundation (Grant Agency of the Czech Republic)
  • GAAV Czech Republic (Grant Agency of the Czech Academy of Sciences)
  • Names (National Agency for Agricultural Research)
  • Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
  • NPV II (National Research Programme II)
  • FRVŠ (University Development Fund)
  • COST - international project (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
  • Poultryflorgut - 6th Framework Programme

(In past it was also GAAV Czech Republic (Grant Agency of the Czech Academy of Sciences), FRVŠ (University Development Fund), and Poultryflorgut - 6th Framework Programme)



Internal projects

Research on Departments

Research at the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology is organized in sections and implemented on individual faculty departments.

The research and development activities are supported with institutional funds allocated from university to the faculty and individual departments or with non-grant funds obtained from financial support under various kinds of grants and projects, and finally with fund of specified research that is used to support research activities connected with students activities. Significant scientific potential of the individual departments of the faculty, which is involved in the creation and presentation of the results of science, research and development, consists of academics, along with doctoral students.
Scientific laboratories at individual institutions are equipped with modern instruments mainly from the last time, so they are fully comparable to similar institutions in our country or abroad. The results obtained from research are based on credible and comparable standard.