The research activities of the department is mostly focused on study of structure, composition and microscopy of food not only plant origin.

Research activities are connected with this field  and builds on previous experience and also creates the background for teaching above subjects. Furthermore are the research activities of the department focused on food quality and supervision of health and wholesomeness of vegetable foods. There we are interested mainly in assessment of impacts, which determines the resultant sensory quality of food of plant origin after technological processing and during storage.


Equipment and methods

The laboratory is equipped for the processing of food samples for examination by light microscopy, including modern microtome cryostat. Attention is paid to methods used to identify the individual components in foods and revealing the various ways of food adulteration. This issue is well managed at the level of classical microscopic, histological and histochemical methods designed to test meat products and now the focus is on other types of food products, especially plant food.


The aim is the implementation and development of immunohistochemical methods and the development of combined methods, which connects the benefits of individual coloring processes and imaging techniques. In cooperation with the Research Institute for Veterinary Medicine is solved common project within the National Agency for Agricultural Research. Development and application of immunohistochemical methods in the food material is also included in the topic of doctoral studies at the department.


On microscopic division is used non-destructive method for evaluation of food materials - image analysis applied to quantitative determination of various components of food, including the establishment of methodologies and assessing the significance for practical use, particularly with regard to food adulteration.

This topic contributes to solving faculty research project Veterinary aspects of food safety.


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