The scientific and research work represents a significant proportion of the overall creative activities of the academic staff of universities. Besides these research workers, also students of all study programmes take part in such scientific research activities and under the supervision of their teachers they publish the results of their work in scientific or professional journals or present the overall results of their scientific work in their own PhD theses, doctor's theses, or master's and bachelor's works.
Of the highest value is publishing in scientific journals with impact factor (IF), followed by publications in scientific journals without impact factor, in professional journals, presenting the results at conferences in the Czech Republic as well as abroad with publishing in the conferences’ collections, textbooks and monographs with ISBN, other educational publications without ISBN, studying materials, textbooks and multimedia texts for students, and synoptic texts (Assistant Professor's theses, PhD theses), submission of which is a necessary condition for obtaining a scientific or scientifically-educational degree.


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