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Definition: A multimedia tutorial is a digital device, integrating various document formats, respectively. data (eg. text, tables, animations, images, sound, video, etc.), intermediating reality, facilitating the greater clarity or making learning more simple.

MOODLE - e-learning (access with password)


Biology and Wildlife Diseases (2150)

Biology - 1st year, FVHE (mgr., bc.), FVM


  • BIOLOGY AND GENETICS FOR BACHELORS (OPVK CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0287, 2014, authors: Eva Bártová, Dana Halová, Ivo Papoušek). Instructions for practicals from biology and genetics. (Interactive - teory and tasks, photo and video galery, control questions, links to animations, tests).
  • GUIDE TO THE PRACTICAL TEACHING OF BIOLOGY AND GENETICS (FRVŠ 2278/2011, 2011, authors: Eva Bártová and Petra Frolková). Instructions for practicals from biology and genetics. (Interactive - teory and tasks, photo and video galery, control questions, links to animations, tests).
  •  GUIDE TO THE PRACTICAL TEACHING OF BIOLOGY AND GENETICS (FRVŠ 2278/2011, 2011, authors: Eva Bártová and Petra Frolková) - in English. Instructions for practicals from biology and genetics. (Interactive - teory and tasks, photo and video galery, control questions, links to animations, tests).
  •  MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (OPVK, CZ.107/2.2.00/07.0165, 2011, author: Eva Bártová). Methods of molecular biology - principle, instructions. (Interactive - teory and tasks, photo and video galery, control questions, links to animations, tests).

Zoology - 1st year,  FVHE (mgr. , bc.), FVM

  •  ZOOLOGY FOR VETERINARIANS (OPVK, CZ.107/2.2.00/07.0165, 2012, authors: Oldřich Sychra et all.) Atlas to the zoology. (Interactive - text, photos, drawing, internet links).

Ecology and Diseases of Game, Fish and Bees (2190)

Fish and bees diseases - 4th year FVHE, FVM (mgr.)

  • DISEASES OF BEES (OPVK CZ.107/2.2.00/07.0165, authors: Stanislav Navrátil, Zdeněk Klíma, Miroslava Palíková) - bees diseases for practical vet. and geeral public beekeeping (text, hypertext. link to photos).

Environmental Chemistry - 1st year, FVHE (mgr.)

Contaminants in Food - 2nd year,  FVHE (continuing mgr.)

Animal Nutrition

Farm Animal Nutrition (H3HZ, H4HZ) – 1st year FVHE (bc.)

  • FARM ANIMAL NUTRITION (OPVK, CZ.107/2.2.00/07.0165, 2013, authors: Lucie Rusníková, Kateřina Karásková). Feeds and feedstuffs, classification of feeds, feed sampling, methods of feed analysis, microscopy of the feeds, pasture, optimizing of feed mixtures (MOODLE - login).

Animal nutrition I and Farm animal nutrition (H1VD1, V1VD1, H3HZ, H4HZ) – 1st and 2nd year FVHE, FVL (mgr., bc.) 

  • CHEMICAL FEED ANALYSIS (FRVŠ 1288/2012, 2012, authors: Eva Štercová, Eva Straková, Lucie Rusníková, Petra Hudečková). Preparation of feed samples for chemical analysis, determination of basic nutrients contents (Text, photos, video).

Botany (H3BO, H4BO) – 1st year FVHE (bc.)

  • BOTANY (OPVK, CZ.107/2.2.00/07.0165, 2014, authors: Kateřina Karásková, Eva Straková, Pavel Suchý). Introduction, plant cell, plant tissues, plant organs, catalogue of grasses, test (MOODLE - login).

Animal Husbandry and Animal Hygiene

Animal hygiene (H1ZH, V1ZH) – 3rd year, FVHE, FVL (mgr.)

Animal hygiene,  Farm Animal Rearing and Veterinary Prevention (H1ZH, V1ZH, H3CV) – 1st and 3rd year, FVHE, FVL (mgr., bc.)

  • MEASUREMENT OF MICROCLIMATE IN STABLES FOR LIVESTOCK (FRVŠ 856/2008, 2008, authots: Jan Chloupek, Pavel Suchý). Aids and devices for measuring microclimatic parameters of stable environment, evaluation and interpretation of the measurement results (Text, photos).

Animal hygiene and veterinary prevention – 2nd year, FVHE (mgr.) 


Milk Hygiene and Technology


Food Chemistry and Microbiology (H1CP1, H1CP2)
Food Microbiology and Microbiological laboratory methods (H3MI1, H3MI2; H4MI1, H4MI2)
3rd year FVHE (mgr.), 2nd year FVHE (bc, presence and combinated form of study)

  • INTERACTIVE SATION OF FOOD MICROBIOLOGY (FRVŠ 1668/2006, 2006, authors: Šárka Cupáková and Renata Karpíšková). Summary of significant bacteria in food microbiology, methods of their determination (Text, photos). 
  •  LABORATORY METHODS IN FOOD MICROBIOLOGY (FRVŠ 330/2008, 2008, authors: Šárka Cupáková, R. Karpíšková). Overview of basic laboratory methods eaten in food microbiology (videO).
  •  BACTERIAL PATHOGENS FOODBORNE ILLNESS  (FRVŠ 204/2011, 2011, authors: Šárka Cupáková, Lenka Necidová, Renata Karpíšková). Bacterial agents of foodborne illness. (Interactive - text, images, videos).

Food Packaging  (H1BA) 1st year FVHE (mgr.)

  • FOOD PACKAGING AND CONDENSATION FORMS ON FOOD PACKAGING  (OPVK, VFU Brno, KA2340/3-1, authors: Jiří Štencl, Bohumíra Janštová). Glossary, work with psychrometric chart humid air (MOODLE - logging, text, internet links).


Meat Hygiene and technology

Senzory Analysis of Foodstuffs - 3rd. year

Meat Hygiene Production – 5th year, FVM

  • GUIDE FOR THE PRACTICAL CLASSES ON MEAT HYGIENE PRODUCTION (OPVK CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.0063, authors: Hana Buchtová, Bořilová, Ježek František, Svobodová, VFU Brno, 2012) (Text, photos)TECHNOLOGY OF POULTRY SLAUGHTERING (author: Buchtová H) - photographic documentation of the most common pathological fíndings. 

Fish Hygiene and Technology – 5th year, FVHE/ 1st year Continuing Mgr.

Veterinary inspection - 5th year

Blok teaching - Food Hygiene - 6th year, FVM

Veterinary Public Health and Forensic Medicine


Animal Protection, Welfare and Behaviour


Biostatistics - 1st year, FVHE, FVM (mgr.)
  • BIOSTATISTICS (OPVK CZ.107/2.2.00/07.0165, 2010, authors: Iveta Bedáňová) -  (text - lectures, practicals, model examples, training version of exam test)

Biostatistics – 2nd year, FVHE (Bc. )

Statistics and Informatics – 1st year, FVHE (Bc. Animal Protection and Welfare)

  • STATISTIC AND INFORMATICS (2013, author: Iveta Bedáňová) – multimedia text (lectures, practicals, model examples, test) 

Animal protection and welfare – 2nd year, FVHE, FVM (mgr.), 4th year, FVHE, continuing mgr.     

Animal protection, welfare and ethology – FVM and FVHE (mgr.), Bc. and continiung mgr.

  • ETHOLOGY OF DOGS (IVA VFU 2015 FVHE/2390/73, authors: Jiří Žák, Eva Voslářová) – multimedia text (text, photos, videos)

Animal protection and ethology – 2nd year, FVHE (mgr.), 1st year FVHE, Bc.

  • ETHOLOGY OF HORSES (IVA VFU FVHE/2380/60, 2016, authors: Zuzana Machovcová, Jana Jozefová) – multimedia text (text, photos, videos)

Animal rescue in extreme situations – 2nd year FVHE, continuing mgr.

Toxikology - 3rd year, FVHE, FVM (mgr.)

  • MINAMATA (OPVK CZ.107/2.2.00/07.0165, authors: Helena Modrá) - documentary movie describing mercury poisoning in fishermen in Minamata bay, Japan (movie)
  • DEER POISONING BY RAPE PLANT (OPVK CZ.107/2.2.00/07.0165, authors: Helena Modrá) - documentary movie describing poisoning by rape plant (movie)

Food biochemistry and biochemical laboratory methods  – 2nd year FVHE (Bc)

Biochemistry I. and II. – 1st year FVM and FVHE (mgr.)

  • BIOCHEMICAL REPETITION FOR VFU STUDENTS (IVA VFU 2015 FVHE/2110/27, 2015, authors: Nathalie Catterina, Tomáš Nekvapil) – e-learning course: basic theory, metabolic pathways, test questions (MOODLE)



Biophysics - 1st year, FVHE, FVM

Physics - 1st year FVHE

Chemistry (V1CH, H1VC) - 1st year, FVL, FVM

Mathematical foundations for the food industry (H4MA) - 1st year, FVHE (bc - comb)

Plant Origin Foodstuffs Hygiene and Technology

Plant Production – 1st year FVHE (Bc.)

Hygiene and Technology of Vegetable Products (compulsory elective) - 3rd to 5th year FVHE (Mgr.)

Structure and Composition of Food (compulsory) - 2nd year, FVHE (Bc. presence and combined form of study)

  •  STRUCTURE AND COMPOSITION OF FOOD (FRVŠ 374/2002, authors: Tremlová, Štarha, Bretšnajdr, Ondrusz) (texts, photos, hypertext. links)

Structure and Composition of Food (compulsory elective) - from 2nd year FVHE(Mgr.)

  •  STRUCTURE AND COMPOSITION OF FOOD II (FRVŠ 855/2005, authors: Tremlová, Pospiech) (texts, photos, hypertext. links)
  • HOW DOES IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY WORK (OPVK CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.0063, 2012, author: Řezáčová Lukášková) – use of immunochemistry methods for food analysis (text)