Information for applicants

Doctoral study programme Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology in English language




MVDr. Martin Hostovský, Ph.D., phone number: +420 541 562 614, e-mail:
Hana Šírová, phone number: +420-54156 2671, e-mail: (Department of Animal Nutrition, Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Hygiene, building 15)


University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
Dean’s office of the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and EcologyPalackého tř. 1946/1, 612 42 Brno




Term for application: 21st June 2019 (first term) or 30th August 2019 (second term)


  • Application (only APPLICATION FORM - HERE) should be completed, printed, signed and together with all required supplements sent to DSP Study Department
  • There is no fee for application

Supplement for application:

  • Verified photocopy of the diploma and certificate of successful completion of the master’s study programme or diplome supplement.
  • Curriculum vitae with the data about the master’s study programme.
  • Professional or scientific and research activities.
  • A list of publication and lecturing activities and other appendices characterizing the proficiency of the candidate.




Admission examination: 10th July 2019 (first term) and 13th September 2019 (second term)


Possible number of accepted students to the first year of study: 20



Conditions for the admission to studies:

  • Proper completion of studies in a master’s study programme (in case of foreigners a completion of equivalent study)

  • Submission of the application to study at the Study Administration Office of the Faculty supplemented by a verified certificate of successful completion of the master’s study programme, curriculum vitae with the data about the master’s study programme, professional or scientific and research activities, a list of publication and lecturing activities and other appendices characterizing the proficiency of the candidate (in case of foreigners equivalent documents).

  • Specialist competence and qualifications for scientific work and individual creative activities in the field of research and development. These qualifications are verified by the entrance examination, which generally has a form of an oral interview with the applicant in front of the admission commission with the focus on the issues of the study field. After the interview the commission shall carry out an expert assessment of the presented documents, the results achieved within the master’s study programme, professional skills, qualifications for scientific work and individual creative activities.

  • The admission procedure will be carried out in the English language.

  • If the applicant cannot come to the admission exam for a serious reason in the regular term, the Dean is entitled upon the candidate’s request to provide an alternative date of the entrance exam. The request must be sent together with the reasons of absence at the latest up to three days since the date of the regular entrance examination, which the candidate was supposed to sit. The Dean shall inform the candidate about holding the admission examination on an alternative date 15 days before the date of the alternative entrance examination at the latest.

  • Applicants who fulfil the conditions prescribed for admission to the DSP will be invited in writing by the Study Administration Office of the Dean's office to the admission interview 14 days before its holding at the latest. A candidate who fails to attend the admission examination in time or to submit all the required documents cannot be accepted to study in the DSP.

  • The Dean shall decide upon the acceptance or non-acceptance of the DSP candidate on the basis of the admission procedure results. The decision will be issued in writing within 30 days from the verification of fulfilment of conditions for admission. Applicant may request a review of the decision within 30 days of its delivery. The applicant is entitled to check all of his/her materials that are relevant to the decision on his/her admission, at the study office of the faculty after the day when the decision of his/her admission is announced to him/her.



Fees for study:

  • Foreign students accepted to the FVHE pay tuition fees.
  • It is required that the fee is paid in total before the beginning of the academic year or it can be realized by maximally two part payments during the relevant academic year to the University bank account.
  • The ultimate terms for part payments are the end of August (first part) and the end of February (second part).
  • The tuition fees: 100.000,- CZK/an academic year

            Bank account number for payments from abroad:
            Československá obchodní banka,
            a.s. Milady Horákové 6,
            601 79 Brno
            SWIFT (BIC): CEKOCZPP IBAN: CZ84 0300 1712 8001 1722 7743
            Code of payment 29001012