DSP study - theses for year 2018

Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Science Brno open entrance examination for study in doctoral study programme (Ph.D.) Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology

from 1st October 2018 in following study branches:


4302V018:Veterinary Biochemistry, Chemistry and Biophysics


  1. Color changes of selected foods after heat stress
  2. Selected trace elements in dogs


 4302V019:Veterinary Ecology


  1. Ecology of chewing lice of the genus Menacanthus
  2. Genealogy analysis of turtles’ coccidia employing microscopic and molecular genetic methods
  3. Physiology of bat hibernation with respect to multistressor impacts
  4. Normal parameters of hematology and biochemistry of bats


4301V007:Diseases of Wild and ZOO Animals


  1. The success of birds released into the wild after their treatment in rescue stations
  2. Global revision of the genus Myrsidea (Phthiraptera: Amblycera)


4302V017: Food Hygiene and Processing technology


  1. The effect of natural bioactive compounds on food quality and shelf life
  2. Iodine exposure sources for the population in the CR: Focus on food of animal origin
  3. DNA-seq a RT-PCR identification and quantification of Epsilonproteobacteria isolated from company animals
  4. Biological values of various edible flowers and possibility of their use in food products

4301V024:Veterinary Public Health and Animal Welfare


  1. Welfare of shelter dogs and cats in a selected country
  2. Welfare of rabbits during transport and slaughter from the viewpoint of legislation


4302V016:Veterinary Toxicology and Toxicology  of Foodstuff

No themes this year.




  • Applicants may be graduates from FVHE VFU Brno, FVL VFU Brno or faculties of related fields.
  • The examination from broader basis of a chosen scientific field is a part of the entrance procedure.

Application form:

  • Application forms (available in the DSP Study Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology VFU Brno - Mrs Šírová)

  • with a photocopy of the diploma and a document testifying a graduation of master`s degree programme

  • Curriculum vitae, and possibly a list of publications are accepted

Term: till 22 June 2018 (the first term) / 31st August 2018 (the second term)

Study department DSP (doctoral study programme):

Mrs. Šírová
Department of Animal Nutrition, Animal Husbandry and Animal Hygiene, building 15
Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology VFU Brno
tel: 541 562 671
e-mail: sirovah@vfu.cz

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