Description of study and career

Master’s study programme Hygiene and Ecology - in English language

Standard length of study is six years.
The study is finished by a state rigorous exam and the graduates are given a degree “veterinary medicine doctor” (abbreviation „MVDr.“ in front of the name). According to the EU Advisory Committee in Brussels, FVHE at Brno has been found to fulfil an advanced European standard. Diploma is fully compatible for carrying out veterinary services in the EU countries.

The master's study degree programme in the field of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology provides education in veterinary medicine with the differentiation into the field of veterinary public health protection focused especially on:

  • food safety and quality
  • health and hygienic harmlessness of food and animal origin raw materials
  • veterinary ecology and infectious diseases and epizootology connected to food and animal origin raw materials.

Already the basic subjects at the beginning of the study create theoretical and methodical background for following subjects of broader theoretical basis, which conceptually profile the valuable medically-biological perspective of a future graduate. At the same time, in this period is deepened recognition of both methodical and theoretical principles of possible food dangers (biological, chemical and physical) and their diagnosis. Especially the last third of the study is focused on deepening and extension of knowledge of different food technologies with the emphasis on mastering hygienic principles in particular (including proceedings based on HACCP standards) in connection with their legislative framework.



Career for graduates:

  • Private veterinary practitioners
  • State veterinary administration (supervision of food of animal origin during their manufacturing, distribution and sale)
  • Agricultural and food inspection, environmental protection inspection, retail sale supervision
  • Veterinary institutes, laboratories
  • Research institutes
  • Teaching