Information for applicants

Master’s study programme in English language

The term of entrance examination: see here...

  • The dean will make decision about accepting applicant onto the course in accordance with the results of the entrance exam, and will immediately inform the applicant about the results, place and the date of enrolment to the course and the accommodation.
  • The admission procedure will be carried out in the English language.
  • The written exam in biology has a form of a test, which consists of questions and multiple choice answers and questions that are to be answered in one or more words. The test contains a total of 37 questions; a correct answer is valued 1 point, thus the maximal result in the biology test is 37 points.
  • The written exam in chemistry has a form of a test, where the answer is a concrete formula, chemical equation, schema, drawing or solving and an arithmetical problem. The test contains a total of 17 questions; a correct answer is valued according to its difficulty 1-3 points, and the maximal score can be obtained 37 points.
  • Admission to studies shall be decided on the basis of the order of the total number of points obtained within the admission procedure for the entrance examination.