Scientific and research activity of Department of Animal Nutrition is focused on studies of environmental impacts on animals organism in relation to their production, reproduction and their state of health.

Research studies in farm animals are focused on factors, which can have a positive or negative impact on animal production, not only according to the qualitative viewpoint, but also with respect to the production of harmless to health raw materials and food with high biological value.

Research activities of the Department are also oriented towards an exploration of effect of vegetable origin diets used in poultry and feathered game on the quality of final production and state of health, searching for nutrition optimization programs with the aim of utilization of domestic plant components of feeds.

In addition research activities are also focused on the field of nutrition and dietetics of farm and domestic animals, pet animals, feathered game and game animals with respect to maintain and support animals good health and body condition.

An object of scientific interest is a monitoring of the latest trends in farm animal nutrition with the aim of production of food raw materials and food of animal origin leading to improvement of state of health of human population.

In the field of feed safety we are pointing out the protein sources, especially imports of protein concentrates, which can pose a threat of contamination. As results of great utility and in view of food and feed safety results of great importance we consider a possibility of an implementation of protein source scrutiny, especially scrutiny of unknown origin protein sources, by means of mutual comparison of crude protein and amino acids spectrum revealing a possible falsification of protein concentrates.

Research activities of Department of Animal Nutrition are involved in cooperation with stakeholders in agriculture and veterinary practices, animal feed industry, manufacturing industry and food processing. Scientific and research activity is also focused on cooperation with national and international universities and research centers.

Research activity is supposed by laboratory, which is equipped by modern devices for analysis of biological material. For research activities focused on the field of veterinary aspects of feed production and animal nutrition the Department is equipped by/performs:

  • an equipped laboratory  for sampling and preparation of feed samples and biological material

  • a specialized laboratory for amino acids analysis of biological samples

  • a gas chromatography for fat qualitative assessment of biological samples

  • an elementary analysis for determination of sulphur, nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen content

  • a polarimetry determination of starch content

  • a bomb calorimeter measuring the heat of combustion of a sample

  • basic analytical methods for assessment of feeds nutritive value are performed

  • blood haematology tests are performed

The Department has an own accredited stable for experiments in the field of poultry nutrition, which are supported with institutional funds and are also used as a part of university practical work training within the Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Hygiene.

The Department has a mix-mill farm feed factory and facilities for an exact feed preparation in terms of research activities.