Research is focused on monitoring of environmental damage caused by various negative factors which affect livestock health and food production.

  • Important research field is a monitoring of ecologically relevant factors arising from animal husbandry and food industry.  
  • The research is focused on indicators of environmental damage at the level of both invertebrates and vertebrates, mainly honey bees, fish and game as well as other wild animals.
  • Indicators of environmental pollution (both organic and inorganic chemical contaminants) are monitored with the use of trace and ultratrace analysis. Biological markers of environmental damage are studied as well.
  • We study the effect of environmental factors on honeybee, fish and game health as well as on quality of their products.
  • Our research activity is further focused on transfer of contaminants and xenobiotics between environmental compartments and between food chain links. Our research covers also evaluation of ecotoxicologic risk of xenobiotics entering the environment and monitoring of organic pollutant distribution and degradation in environmental matrices.
  • Our goal is to extend the spectrum of evaluated contaminants by monitoring some rarely studied substances.
  • The important part of our research activity is a study of fish and game diseases (both wild and farmed animals) with the use of modern diagnostic methods.