Ústav hygieny a technologie mléka

Research aktivities of the department are focused in three areas: food chemismy, food mikrobiology, hygiene and technology of milk and milk products.


Food mikrobiology

Area of research is focused on the monitoring of selected group of raw material and foodstuffs od animal origin, mainly milk and milk products. The aim of interest are significant pathogens and indicator microorganisms, particularly alimentary diseases agents (particularly L. monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus spp., Lactobacillus spp., Bacillus spp., And E. coli).

  • typing on a molecular level
  • surveillance of antibiotic resistance
  • the possibility of the formation of biofilms
  • production of toxins, determine the decarboxylation activity of microorganisms and other aspects affecting the quality and safety of food of animal origin

Food chemistry

Research is focused on food quality parameters and chemical indicators of health safety of raw materials and foodstuffs of animal origin.

  • study of hygienically and nutritionally important parameters of honey
  • issues important nutrients (especially milk proteins, fatty acids, sterols) and micronutrients (lipophilic vitamins a hydrophilic group B vitamins, lactoferrin, iodine)
  • contaminants formed during the technological processes, storage or culinary treatments (HMF, PAHs, biogenic amines)

Hygiene and technology of milk and dairy products

The research is oriented on the area of ​​study influence the health status of dairy cows of stable, acquisition and treatment of raw milk and dairy technology and storage to changes in the composition of milk and dairy products, and further research in the field of indicators quality, hygiene and wholesomeness of milk and milk products in the areas of physical, chemical, and biological indicators (including sheep and goat milk and milk products).

The research is also focused on the issue of methods for the determination of tetracyclines and quinolones in cow's milk.


Instrumental workplace equipment

Department of Chemistry is the central chromatografic department with gas and liquid chromatography,

mass spectrometry and workplace FT_NIR spectroscopy.

Department od Microbiology and molecular methods of analysis carried out on the basis of modern molecular biological and immunological methods (PCR, Real-Time PCR, ELFA).


The mentioned research activities are mostly carried out under the project of the Ministry od Agriculture of the Czech Republic NAZV KUS QJ 1230044.

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