The university campus is situated on unique premises with a special atmosphere created by the building's enclosed spatial layout. It combines the character of 19th century structures with modern buildings from the past years. The park, with its mature trees, adds to the campus atmosphere. The university campus also features a greenhouse, botanical gardens and certain rare or interesting species of trees, such as the London Planetree of the majestic European Beech, entered into a contest for Brno's prettiest tree.

mapa VFU Brno

  • 1 Rector's Office, Career & Counseling Center, Study & Counseling Center, Mail Room
  • 2 Lecture Hall 10, 11
  • 4 Clinic of Diseases of Ruminants & Pigs, Clinical Laboratory for Large Animals
  • 5 Riding Hall
  • 7 Clinic for Diseases of Horses, Clinic for Diseases of Ruminants and Pigs (Department of diseases of ruminants), Lecture Hall 2
  • 10 Department of Physical Education & Sports (gym, tennis courts)
  • 12 Department of Hygiene & Technology of Food of Animal Origin and Gastronomy (Division of Hygiene & Milk Technology), prof. Lenfeld's Lecture Hall
  • 13 Department of Hygiene & Technology of Food of Animal Origin and Gastronomy (Division of Hygiene & Meat Technology, Division of Gastronomic Sciences)
  • 14 Clinic of Diseases of Ruminant & Pigs
  • 15 Department of Animal Breeding, Animal Nutrition & Biochemistry
  • 18 Department of Pharmaceutics
  • 22 Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacy, Department of Animal Genetics, CEITEC
  • 23 Accommodation & Catering Centre
  • + LEFT - Ambulance & Large Animal Emergency
  • + RIGHT - Ambulance & Small Animal Emergency
  • Health Center
  • 24 Study & Information Center: Dean's Office & Study Office of FVHE, Dean's Office & Study Office of FVL, Institute of Lifelong Learning, Archive, Depository, University Library, Department of Foreign Languages, ​​Department of History of Veterinary Medicine & Pharmacy
  • 25 Department of Ecology & Diseases of Zoo Animals, Game, Fish & Bees, Lecture Hall
  • 28 Department of Infectious Diseases & Microbiology, Department of Pathological Morphology and Parasitology, Lecture Hall 4 + Pathology
  • 29 University Auditorium
  • 30 Center of Computer Technologies
  • 31 Department of Biology & Wildlife Diseases, Biology Lecture Hall
  • 32 Department of Animal Protection & Welfare & Veterinary Public Health, Lecture Hall (temporarily moved here Department of Plant Origin Food Sciences)
  • 33 Department of Pathological Morphology & Parasitology
  • 34 Department of Anatomy, Histology & Embryology, Department of Physiology, Lecture Hall 3, Slaughter of Slaughter Animals
  • 43 Clinic for Diseases of Dogs & Cats, Clinic for Diseases of Birds, Reptiles & Small Mammals, Clinical Laboratory for Small Animals, Lecture Hall 1
  • 44 Lecture Hall 8, Department of Chemical Medicines, Department of Human Pharmacology & Toxicology (in rent MUNI PHARM)
  • 45 Department of Applied Pharmacy, Department of Natural Medicines, Department of Molecular Biology & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Central Laboratories (in rent MUNI PHARM)
  • 46 Center for Students

The perfect background

Do you like to have fun and play sports? The university campus has the largest indoor sports area in the city, where students can play over 30 sports, from volleyball, basketball, zumba to fitness. You can shorten the wait for lessons in a nice and green park, where there is a wifi connection. There is also a Central Library on the campus, where you can find a study room with the possibility of borrowing specialized literature in the field of veterinary medicine, hygiene and food technology or animal welfare, there are also computer rooms with internet connection. Furthermore, students can use the private room for learning or relax zone. According to the possibilities of the university, the students of the faculty are accommodated in the university Kaunice dormitories, where it is possible to eat. During the year, various events are organized for students such as Welcoming freshmen, University Majáles, Job fair and much more.

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Graduate employment

Do you want to become an expert in the field of veterinary hygiene, food safety and health and veterinary medicine? Are you interested in ecology, welfare and animal protection? Or do you want to look under the cover of gastronomy in our youngest study program Health safety and quality of food in gastronomy? More information about the study and possible employment can be found under the

information about the study program – more HERE.